[Tig] can it be done ??

Dwight Thornton tkfreek
Wed Jan 16 16:30:19 GMT 2002

On Wednesday, January 16, 2002, at 03:56 AM, Patrice Barrette wrote:

> i am looking for a way to have a laptop become a portable 
> oscilloscope , so
> i could hook it up to a rgb or d1 monitor and have on the laptop a 
> waveform
> or vector scope  display of the image .If it could be multi-standard 
> ( ntsc
> ,pal,hd,d1 ... it would be great )
> so if any of you , have any info on software or hardware to had to a 
> laptop
> i am waiting for it .
> thank's in advance for all your trouble
> Patrice-Alain Barrette  Senior Colorist
> patrice at hybride.com
> Hybride Technologie inc.
> 111 Chemin De La Gare
> Piedmont Quebec
> Canada           J0R 1N0

There is a product called "VideoScope" for the Macintosh.  It will 
display multistandard video (NTSC, PAL, but not sure about HD yet) in an 
on the computer waveform monitor and vectorscope.  You would still need 
a way to get the video into the laptop.  There are several devices that 
convert from composite/SDI to FireWire, something that all the recent 
Mac portables have.

The web site for the software is:

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