[Tig] Re Spirit Integration Cylinder Problems

Stuart Fyvie stuartf
Mon Jan 28 10:26:33 GMT 2002

Benjamin Miller wrote:
> Has anyone had any problems with the integration cylinder in the Spirit film
> gate?  We have had cracking and small chips of paint detaching from the
> cylinder wall.  We can FPN successfully at the moment but who knows in the
> future.
> Best Regards,
What are you cleaning it with? It has been known that using high
air blast hoses can chip the coating and cause it to flake. It should
be cleaned with a cleaning cloth on the skid plate or a short blast
from a cleaning air can to remove dust/emulsion.

Stuart Fyvie
Colourist, Cinesite Europe London.

> Ben Miller,
> Soho Asia,
> Bangkok, Thailand.
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