[Tig] telecine genealogy

Michael D. Most mikemost
Mon Jun 3 06:28:03 BST 2002

> Like who were the colorists at Image
> Transform in Burbank in the 1970's?  (Don Pipes, later Lyle
> Hellman, who else?)

Steve Irwin, who now owns and runs Playback Technologies, specializing in 24
frame playback systems (for film production). In the very early 80's, Lyle
and I "shared" all the transfer work for Lorimar (I was at Bluth at the
time), whom I later went to work for.

>  Which facilities introduced revolutionary
> technology? (Image Transform, Encore, Action Video, Ruxton ?)

I wouldn't necessarily call it technology, but Modern (while they were on
Sunset, of course - original home of Lou Levinson) was the first house to
use IP's for feature transfers. At the time, one of the primary motivations
for this was the elimination of pan and scan, since the 1.85 hard matte was
usually added in the IN's. But it eventually changed the rules for feature
mastering. At Bluth Video Systems (founded by Joe Bluth, one of the original
Vidtronics people) we did feature mastering for RCA Videodiscs (remember
them?) running double system to an IVC 9000 for picture and a one inch 8
track machine for sound. both of which were controlled with a Q-Lock
synchronizer. Boy, this is really dating me, but also really bringing me

Speaking of technology and names from the past, is Harvey Dubner still
alive? Does he still have his deck of cards???

Mike Most

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