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Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Jun 4 23:37:05 BST 2002

On Tue, Jun 04, 2002 at 05:59:12PM -0400, Bruce W. Goldstein wrote:
> Danko had this client from Texas. He color corrected the entire piece and
> when he tried to rewind, remotely, he had no response. He went to the
> ?projector? and found 8mm film all over the floor. I was told Vince had
> invented new words, that day.

One day I was transferring, via the SteadiGate's pin registration at
Action Video in Hollywood, negative for Ford Trucks, client Jerry Weldon
and Reel Thing.  I was kerchunking right along recording to the A60, I
think I went as far as 50 seconds per recording.  Toward the end of my
first stretch of recording I looked out at the Rank and something didn't
look right.

I walked out of the client room and into the machine room and right away 
saw negative all over the floor --the takeup side had refused to takeup,
but the film had kept going merrily through the gate spilling onto the
floor.  Jerry was right behind me and was as shocked as I was; we still
had to do another pass on that take for the matte or beauty or

I gingerly stepped over to the Rank and noticed that the supply side was
under some tension, and that if I manipulated the springs and released
the gate, the film started to wind back on the reel.  Jerry's asking me
a dozen questions, we're both sweating (clients from Detroit are in the
bay) and rather than say anything at all I just started watching the
film rewind onto the supply side.  Not having touched the film on the
floor, either of us, the film miraculously wound back onto the supply
side _without_a_problem_.  I was amazed, but knew that it was quite
possible I'd have some scratches, and certainly dirt.  We cleaned the
roll and amazingly again it was fine.  Whew.  A good argument for
keeping a clean floor.

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