fun with equipment (was Re: [Tig] tele genealogy)

Nick Woods nickwoods
Thu Jun 6 01:07:36 BST 2002

Reading that post from The Great One was like being in a grocery store and
Steven Spielberg walks in!

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> On Wed, Jun 05, 2002 at 10:04:40AM -0700, Bob Festa wrote:
> >
> > I realize that you have fond memories of Action video, but remember,
> > is the same facility where you used to chain smoke at the console.
> yeah but then I ran some marathons...
> > Colorist's at the time
> > were myself, Lingelbach, Steve Rodriguez, Rick Taylor
> I think you were the first staff colorist at Action, when there was only
> one room open.  I think there was someone temporary before you.  I
> worked as your assistant for 6 months and then you left for Editel,
> right? which point I gave up my mobility and sat in the chair.
> Terry Goins also became a colorist there; Bob Lawrence was there for a
> while; Action was sort of an originating vector for some serious talent:
> Gerta Lind, Brian Robinson, Bob Festa, Rick Taylor, Bob Engelsiepen,
> Dave Tosh, Steve Rodriguez.  Somehow Sam Holtz found us or we found him.
> Hey remember the graphic artist before Gerta-- Jonathan something.
> > still remember digging bits of Steve Behars tuna sandwiches out of the
> > Editel LA Dubners.
> I remember your giving me a tour of Editel where you showed me the first
> daVinci.  You were using it as a doorstop.
> ps. after Editel you went to Encore, then back to Editel, then to
> Complete Post, then back to Encore, right Bob?  (oh and before Action
> you were at CFI I believe; before that you were making laserdiscs?)
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