[Tig] RE: fun with equipment (was tele genealogy)

Bruce Goodman blgmanb
Sun Jun 9 21:28:06 BST 2002


You forgot to mention Mssrs. Bowen, Sevcik(Seveik as misspelled in Post), Griffith and Fohrer. I've probably forgotten a few too.
The time I spent working at Editel with all of those mentioned has served me well.

Bruce (now at LaserPacific) Goodman

>I realize that you have fond memories of Action video, but remember, this
>is the same facility where you used to chain smoke at the console. How did
>we get the ashes out of that Dubner panel anyway? Colorist's at the time
>were myself, Lingelbach, Steve Rodriguez, Rick Taylor...after that ? I can
>still remember digging bits of Steve Behars tuna sandwiches out of the
>Editel LA Dubners.
>Editel...the first nationwide empire to be driven into the ground.
>In Los Angeles...Myself, Behar, Lingelbach, Kertesz, Hampton, Mazur,
>Hellman, Lee, Panaro, Shannon,...how many other stars burned out there? My
>memory is not serving me well here. :)

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