[Tig] must it be compressed?

Michael D. Most mikemost
Mon Jun 17 16:53:08 BST 2002

>Look at the number of (larger, established) post houses who have walked
>from the authoring biz because there's not enough money in it. Sure, there
>still some very good houses doing very good work, but a lot of it is just
>barely good enough because the money being paid by the studios is just
>good enough. The bean counters are looking at authoring as a commodity

I hate to point this out, but it seems that anything that can be done on a
desktop computer is now considered a "commodity product" and been relegated
to low bid/no profit status. This would include DVD authoring, visual
effects (in general), CG animation, and off line editing. Combine that with
what consolidation has done with regard to industry salaries and one has to
wonder why anyone would want to enter the post business today.

Mike Most

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