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Craig Leffel craig
Tue Mar 5 21:33:22 GMT 2002

Hello all.

It turns out that I will not be able to attend NAB this year due to an impending schedule conflict. I was supposed to attend IBC, but could not because of 9/11. I would like to request that we form a "hot sheet" or at the very least a thread containing some things we'd all like to hear more about. In the past the focus sheet has been to help those attending, and with this year being as weird as it has, I can't be the only one not going because of work obligations.

I'd personally like to hear more about;

5D   ---   color correction  / Cyborg

Avid   --   hardware interface for it's color corrector

Thonpson ---  Spirit 2 / Scream

Teranex   --  NR  ( Data/ HD ??)

Quantel ---     IQ  -- as a standards conversion only package

The Farm  -- any useable high resolution editing tools

Smoke and Mirrors  -- Cakes Facility management software

etc etc etc -- more later -- but that's all off the top o' my head.

I'd like to hear what other folks are anticipating seeing and what their interests may be. After all the Vialta talk, I'd actually like to see a demo. I've tried to go 3 times and each time was told I needed to schedule an appointment. Geez, I just wanted to stand next to it and watch it work. I think I caould've summed it all up just by watching how it handles film.... oh well, maybe next time. I will be attedning IBC as far as it looks now. 

I hope this little piece of digital communication finds every healthy and busy.

Happy knob twiddling,

Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist / Partner
Optimus, Chicago

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