[Tig] Film Effect?

Craig Leffel craig
Fri Mar 8 22:23:29 GMT 2002


Someone picked up on the little detail that was bugging me to no end. This
issue comes up non-stop. To it's remedy, I've seen a dramatic jump in HD 24P
tape jobs that I have been doing. What amazes me is that some folks are
shooting it 4X3 purely for the "look" that 24P delivers. I would argue that
I've never met a piece of tape I couldn't make look better -- and with a
substantial amount of color correction a number of jobs have looked great.
For tape that needs to look like film, it's becoming my number one reco.

Yeah,  TIG as a name might be starting to wear a bit thin..... but please
tell me that we can somehow differentiate between a Telecine and an Elmo
"telecine" and color correction and the "color correction" some desktop PC's
offer.... or am I being snooty?

Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist

> > While not strictly TK related, a client of ours will be shooting DV on a
> > Canon XL1, grading and "film effecting" in a Spirit suite and then
> > the resulting Digi on to us for encoding to MPEG2.
> How are you going to run videotape through a telecine????
> I think what you really mean is that they are going to go through tape to
> tape color correction. This has nothing to do with a Spirit, which is a
> telecine machine. It has everything to do with a DaVinci or Pogle or other
> color correction system. These devices have no facility for "film
> other than color correction choices - they have no ability to introduce
> alternate frame rates or strobing effects.
> Mike Most
> VFX Supervisor
> IATSE Local 600
> Los Angeles

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