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new entry in TIG bragbook

Now I'm just browsing but I feel your all here because of 
      a few like me.
1956 my first Color correction B&W of course, live.
1961 My 1st film to tape; feature
1962 My 1st film to tape; commercials
1966 My (and THE ) First prime time drama film to tape 
      scene by scene color correction done weekly for 
      a network (1st ever)
1971 All film segements corrected to tape for a major network 
      show that's still on the air and some are still running .
1981 Major post house set up with film to tape and tape dailes.
I even got involved with Dubner.
I could go on but I retired now after 46 years of handling film. 
      (Still work in tape)

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