[Tig] More Data Grading questions

Ian Richardson ianr
Wed Mar 20 00:49:29 GMT 2002

Hi Chuck,
All our HD-TV series/ Cinema-short film [no full features yet] are 
subject to a 'HD Tape to Tape' session after the edit has been 'locked off'
We have also found that a 'low-gamma' transfer from the neg gives superior
results for the regraded final.

I agree it might be possible to form some recommended standard for this.....
or should it be 'linear'. I havent gone that far yet.
although I suspect, like us, each post house will probably have come up
with what suits them and looks good. If there is any further activity
regarding this keep us all informed.

on the other real time matter. There are many sensibly priced cinema
projects out there that are benefiting from 'real time', in our case
photographed on film or HD- Video. 1920 x 1080 unquestionably looks
fine on the big screen, again from both film and digital projection.
we have been there and done the testing, even 35 mm two perf, three perf and
We also do our share of 2048 x 1556 [2K] Cineon work that at 12.5meg/frame
eats drive space. I am of the opinion that 'real time' will be with
us indefinitely, More so as DP becomes mainstream. I dont know of any
DP displays yet that can resolve the full 1920 x 1080 yet [or cinema
prints either for that matter], although I would be happy to be corrected.

Ian Richardson
Kotij Sydney Aus.

Chuck Harrison wrote:
> It's very common to do a flat or lo-con HD transfer from OCN or
> even IP if you expect to run some more correction tape-to-tape
> later in post. Basically, we utilize a lower-gamma, non-Rec709
> transfer curve in order to retain latitude.
> Is this transfer curve something that should be standardized, so
> that material can be exchanged among various post houses or
> equipment bays? Should we forget about the realtime interfaces
> and stick to Cineon "data" modes? Can we afford to?
> Cheers,
>   Chuck Harrison
>   Far Field Associates, LLC
>   member, SMPTE DC28.1 Steering Committee on Digital Cinema
>   +1 360 863 8340 (voice)  PST = GMT-0800

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