[Tig] HD grading and high res

Ian Richardson ianr
Wed Mar 20 23:05:58 GMT 2002

Replies to your Questions....

Greg Dildine wrote

> Was ALL the neg transferred to HD low-gamma (flat)?  Or just selects to HD after standard def dailies?

Usually the whole camera rolls are transferred as the off-line tapes are
struck at the same time....

> If all the neg is transferred "flatish" to HD right out of the soup, is there a set of "dailies" made that have a bit more contrast and color tweaking in those "work prints?"

Usually [but not always] we perform what we call a 'split grade'
i.e.. the 'flat non clipped' HD output is graded in the Telecine upstream
of our color corrector.this is recorded to HD and an off-line 'graded or more
tweaked ' version is at the output of the CC either in HD or via the
 downconverter to digibeta or more often SP. Aspect correction may or may
not be applied on the Dcon depending on the off-line houses ability to cope
with full height anamorphic or not.  This is all performed in 'one pass'
Our colorists seem to manage to keep both outputs within our requirements.
Time code, Keykode etc. are sorted with delays etc.etc.

> Which of the HD tape "formats" are you guys using?

HD-Cam   We have found 'in the real world' that compression artifices are
not an issue. I have placed an arbitrary limit to try and keep HD 'generations'
at baseband [not SDTI that is losses] to less than six including distribution.
Easy to achieve.
All our 'edit suites' are workstations/disc based so once the autocompile 
is in for the show the artifacts are sort of [not literally] frozen
If we could afford uncompressed we would. a D5 is next on the list, which is
better but reasonably priced.

> What film recorder are you using?

We use an outside breaux  Arrilaser. 

Ian Richardson
Kotij Sydney Aus.

> A question to the 4K (and beyond) fans out there:
> Are you doing anything to make sure the large venue projectionists get the projector focus right every time??  Otherwise the extra time and expense of 4K could be "wasted?"  Another related musing:  How much "resolution" does one lose to gate weave?
> --
> Greg Dildine
> Senior Colorist
> Finish - Boston
> greg.dildine at finishedit.com

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