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Craig Leffel craig
Thu Mar 21 16:01:32 GMT 2002

>>>>>I have a question for you Craig.
>>>How have you found grading clips in Inferno/DS using pen and tablet
to TK type tracker balls?
The graphics and print industry which is massive all grade using mouse or
pen and up to some incredible resolutions. There has never been an option or
requirement for tracker balls for Photoshop users.
Do you think that colourists that move to workstations really truly need a
full hardware interface?

Hi Paul.

Well..... what a can of worms. In all honesty, I don't believe < anyone >
can do really useful, accurate, intuitive, or interactive color correction
with a single source device like a mouse or pen. I have done it, I can do
it -- and no, I don't like it. I'm not, however, suggesting that it needs to
be done with Davinci or Pogle style panels. The point is -- when you color
correct it needs to be an interactive process. You need to move or push one
thing against another. It is a rare moment when both of my hands are not
doing something on my panels. You also need to be able to see what you are
doing. Twisting in softness, defocus, windowing, matting, etc -- all need to
be live and active -- and not pre-visualized and then rendered. Unless -
what you are viewing as you do it is a really optimum representation of what
it will look like rendered. It seems to me that with very little desktop
real estate one could design an interface that included; Pen, Tablet, and a
set of "Knobs" that all worked within common  x,y,z  tracking.... that's a
very basic part of the current panel implementation. Much more real estate
is required though, because the current philosophy is that colorists need to
have as many functions available at first level GUI as possible. For a
software based system, I don't believe that's the case. Look at the way
Mixing consoles have migrated to software. There was a moment when
*everyone* needed all 32 tracks available as faders and all EQ available per
Fader/channel. Small patch bays and sub buses needed to be right at
hand..... well take a look at any platform like Pro Tools or the like and
you will find 32 track software on 4 or 8 fader mixing panels -- *IF* the
operator even feels that a hardware mixer is necessary. I am sure that many
folks out there still believe in 32 track mixers, and some even still love
their old analog Neive (sp?) consoles....but that gets into the right tool
foor the right job.

So in shortly long.... I think it would be Mega Fantastic if someone came up
with a slight adjustment to current software based color correction
implementations. I think Avid's interface is flat out retarded. I'm not
really any happier with Discreet or Quantel. Photoshop and it's PC relatives
all suffer the same problem... So Paul, Why can't someone just give me a
little box with 3 knobs on it that I select what they will do? It doesn't
have to be any bigger than let's say, a common desktop DDR controller like
maybe the old Sierra. Actually it could even be smaller than that -- but
that size would give room for some features. At the very least, give me 3
knobs with "thumb" selectors so that I can toggle various functions. I could
select functions with a mouse and we could even, let's say, build in
functionality where the knob panel can be layered to do 2 different
functions toggle-able by the thumb button.

So obviously I'm no Software/Hardware designer.... but something that is as
simple as the above would be miles ahead of where we are now regarding human
interface.... Who's with me???  And please, just because I know you're out
there..... will whoever already built something like this or better please
take the floor and explain what an idiot I am? I would much rather hear it
here first... than whispered at some show I may or may not attend ( I'm
still not going to NAB ). I can't be the only one thinking this way; there
has to have been something already done here I am just not aware of.

Sorry for the long wind Paul... this whole concept has been a fantasy of
mine for many years. I originally wanted to see Adobe partner up with Waccom
to design something like this for Photoshop and it's various partners...
never got in front of the right people.

Best regards to all --
Shoot me in the head when someone patents this please --

Craig Leffel


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