[Tig] The Grand tabletop interface

Dick Hobbs dick
Fri Mar 22 06:50:26 GMT 2002

> I wish I worked for a manufacturer in this case. Getting one to listen to a
> garden variety colorist like myself


It would be nice to think that any manufacturer would be desperate for input
from someone who works day in, day out with the product and has practical
experience to back up their opinions. However....

Dick Hobbs

PS Bob Festa says that traditional telecine is a dying artform, and he may
be right in the sense that colorists will lace up a roll of film and make it
look beautiful. But the business of making pictures look beautiful (not to
mention matching) will not go away, and that can really only be done by
people with good eyes, working with realtime controls. What we are really
talking about is how the people with good eyes access those realtime
controls, spending as much time as possible looking at the beautiful
pictures and as little time as possible scrolling through menus. 

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