[Tig] The Grand tabletop interface

Craig & Abbe Leffel leffels
Fri Mar 22 05:33:19 GMT 2002

Would it help if I said oops...I read that way too fast? 

In addition the idea of you being muzzled is of great humor to me, whilst I cannot believe my eyeballs ... and since you mentioned it, how is it possible that after these years you still have "velvet" handcuffs??? Did you buy to much Enron stock? or was it Andersen?

Cash in dude. Trick out the boat and walk away ( if you want to ). You've been the benchmark for many a colorist and their salary  ( " it's not what you do it's who gets paid the most for it") --
including myself.  

Why do I get this feeling I'm gonna get ripped off list about contracts and very large dominating companies?

Oh well, my mouth strikes again.

Best Regards Bob, you remain an enigma to me. 

Craig Leffel


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  Holy Christ...this is how rumors get started. I said my MOUTH was in retirement, or more accurately...muzzled.

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