[Tig] Pin Reg and Telecines

Polarextrm at aol.com Polarextrm
Sat Mar 23 15:55:39 GMT 2002


I've received some interesting responses to my Data Grading 
thread. It has been asked, how important is pin registration?
I've recently had clients doing their own tests and their response was,
"It's not as steady as the pin reg. we compared it to."

I'll argue about a lot of things but I won't argue that a souped up
Spirit is steadier than pin reg. Yes, I know there are lots of ways to
skin this cat and if it's clean and within a pixel bless you.

My point is that as the resolutions get higher so does the demand for
stability. I predict....soon, will have no need for the traditional Telecine.

Why pay 1.5 million+ bucks for a telecine when you can get a scanner
for a fraction of the cost. You can pay the scanner dude (who works for
a fraction of the cost of a colorist) to set up through your established
luts, press go and move on to the next scanner or task.

The colorist concentrates on coloring and the new complexities that arise
in this changing role.

One of the greatest beauties of dealing in data is you can trim a reel 50 
times and never incur a speck of dirt.

Rich Montez
Heretic Colourist

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