[Tig] And the Oscar goes to...

Michael Orton mike
Thu Mar 28 06:31:45 GMT 2002

Folks, posting to the TIG after a long absence has reminded me of something.

We Weird Scientists recently installed a 2nd-user telecine suite in 
Malaysia, and we were the beneficiaries of some long-distance 
technical support which went way beyond the call of duty. I hope Rob 
won't mind a public thank you to the following:

1. Dwaine Maggert of DaVinci, who called us back at 9:30 pm on a 
Friday night HIS TIME to help us out. Also Neil in LA and Jennifer 
and Rich in Florida were super helpful too. Dwaine, the beers are on 
me at NAB. You are a God.

2. George Hatch at Cintel in England, who got us out of the poo with 
a very obscure fault caused by shipping an URSA Gold about 6000 miles.

3. Karen Purcell and Sarah in Tech Support at ProBel in England, who 
enabled us to to resurrect a router which lost its mind during 

4. Simon Lavisher at Leitch UK for helping us fix a misconfiguration 
(not caused by them!) of a Leitch router.

This assistance was freely given by the folks above before our client 
had time to put tech.support agreements in place. All of these could 
have been "show stoppers", especially considering the distance and 
time differences involved.

I'd also like to send a belated thank you to Carl Van Camp at (now) 
Thomson, for his help some months ago, on a holiday weekend, no less.

It's very gratifying to report that, despite recessionary times, the 
technical support that many TIG'rs rely on to keep themselves and 
their companies afloat is alive, well and responsive. Thank you one 
and all.

Mike Orton

(How about a Tweaker support award? For help above and beyond?)
Weird Science Inc.
(310) 753-1362


"Bono anime est."

- Plautus

- "Don't worry, be happy."

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