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Sebastian Sylwan sebastian
Thu Mar 28 09:08:30 GMT 2002

Hi Grant, hi all,

i really want to say (even if it may seem unkind or even silly) that the 
wisest amongst us will take your postings as they are and not be offended 
by them, but instead try to learn from them as many said in earlier postings.
I personally prefer to hear straight thoughts than marketing (even though 
that's officially out of the TIG) and i prefer to talk straight to the 
technicians to have an IDEAS exchange.
In Europe where fortunately i am located we are not so afraid of both 
"politicallycorrect-ness" and being non offensive or looking stupid (my 
first post to the TIG started with "here's my first stupid question").
This is due to a cultural fact an is also because business here is much 
smaller than in the US and most people know each other (at least in a 
country) so your reputation in not compromised by a single posting.
The whole point if this "not-re-read" and unfiltered post is: "do we really 
want to let the rules of the silliest limit our ability to express freely 
or we prefer to deal with the hassle of explaining to those who didn't 
understand or ignoring those who don't want to understand ?"
In my limited experience people that share openly have had much better 
business (let me dare: add "and life") success than those who are checking 
how they could take advantage of what you inadvertently said in a public 
forum. After all ideas are the only assets that double (or more) at every 
exchange. If we exchange a penny we end up with a penny each. With ideas 
(and the disposition to listen) we end up with two each.

Please, keep hitting that wrong button. I'll try to do it myself.

Best regards


P.S. There was a part of each of your messages tha "offend" me: As a sailor 
the "Black magic" part of your company name reminds me of the new-zealand 
team that beat our Italian "Luna Rossa" a**'s off 4 years ago despite 
countless nights shouting and praying at my TV set ... We'll see this year...

At 04.36 28/03/2002 +0100, Grant Petty wrote:
>I think I just sent a badly written  and unfinished draft of some
>thoughts on the non liner grading issue and post production in general
>before I spell checked it, and even make sure I passed it through a
>"don't offend" anyone filter.
>That's the problem with clicking the wrong button these days. It's quite
>easy to wipe out a small country with a misplaced mouse click.
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