[Tig] Low cost HD monitoring

Sebastian Sylwan sebastian
Thu Mar 28 16:46:00 GMT 2002

check out www.miranda.com they build a converter to address that.
I just checked and the model is: SDM-871

I don't work for Miranda even though i have friends that do and having 
worked in the past for their distributor in Italy they have bought me more 
than one dinner. That, though, doesn't bias my posting.


At 09.06 28/03/2002 -0600, ChrisL at videopost.com wrote:

>Hello Fellow Tiggers,
>I was wondering how other facilities were addressing the issue of low cost 
>HD monitoring.
>To get HD monitoring at the least possible cost, we thought it would be 
>possible to take a widescreen computer monitor such as the Sony GDM -W900 
>and a feed it from an HD D/A converter (AJA Video model HD10C).  This 
>solution works fine for 1080i 59.94 which has an H scan rate of 
>33Khz.  However, the problem with this solution is that this computer 
>monitor, as well as other computer monitors, will not lock to frame rates 
>of 23.98 or 24 which has a H Scan rate of 27Khz.  Most computer monitors 
>are not compatible with an H rate below 30Khz.
>Any suggestions?
>Chris Loy
>Video Post & Transfer
>Dallas Texas

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