[Tig] TWiki web (future of TIG)

Rob Lingelbach rob
Fri May 3 20:27:05 BST 2002

It's possible that this Wiki thingy will be the future of the TIG
webspace, coupled with the mailinglist for those who don't want
to (or have time to) mess with the web.  It does take a little
while to learn, but seems logical, and you can write in html if
you prefer not to use the TWiki language.  Look at the WebChanges
section to see who has joined lately or what has been added.  Add
yourself to the WebNotify section to be notified automatically
when something changes in the TWiki Main web.  View access
statistics.  Set your preferences (or don't).  The environment
seems to extend by light-years the capabilities of some other
collaborative tools I've seen is open source, and written in

The concept to keep in mind when browsing it is that WikiWiki, 
of which TWiki is a version, is a web in and of itself.  The webs
available are in small type in the upper right corner of all the
pages.  The path to where you are is at the top left.  The
available sections are the next line.  

I had to get past the playful Hawaiian name to discover how rich
this tool is...  I'll be examining ways to incorporate the TIG
archives and other supporting documents into this new world of
web groupware. 


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