[Tig] piCASSO question

David Bernstein d_bernstein2000
Wed May 8 19:24:31 BST 2002

--- Jeff Kreines <jeffkreines at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Or, is there something special (other than the hard
> disk server) about 
> what the piCASSO does that I'm missing?  I'm
> curious.

I think the point here, though not well stated, is
that this system is NOT using data at all, rather RGB
HD video as the source for the eventual film
output(digital intermediate, if you prefer). This
means most of the process is done in realtime, as
there is no 2K scanning or file manipulation needed. 

This may not actually be the first film to use this
method, but is most likely the first big studio
picture to try a film out from HD. I have long belived
that this would be a viable and more efficient way to
use video color correction tools for theatrical
release, but have yet to see a film actually made this
way. I am very curious to see the results.

David Bernstein
HD Telecine Center
Universal Studios

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