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Sebastian Sylwan asked:

i have a ("slightly" to "WAY" pick your own) off topic question. I am
evaluating a film cleaning machine that uses Hydrogenated Naphta as the
solvent and is a contact cleaner. Do any of you have experience with this
kind of cleaning / solvent ? Any advice on other kinds ? I've looked for
Ultrasonic machines using HFE 8200 as well but i am discouraged by the
difference in price. Which are the things i should NEVER oversee when
picking such a machine ? I plan to do some archive material as well. Is
this going to generate problems ?

Thanks in advance


Dear Sebastian:

Kodak's website has information about the various solvents that may be 
used for film cleaning:


You are wise in seeking the practical experience and recommendations of 
other users regarding the various types of film cleaners and solvent 

I am forwarding your information request to our Giuseppi Gammarrotta, 
Kodak's technical expert in Italy, as well as to Frank Pettrone, the Kodak 
engineer who has been evaluating the various film cleaning alternatives.

I'm sure you are also familiar with Kodak's Particle Transfer Roller (PTR) 
film cleaning technology, which is very effective in removing loose dirt 
particles without the use of solvents:



I hope this information is helpful.

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