[Tig] TFT colorimetry

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu May 9 23:58:14 BST 2002

On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 03:54:52PM -0700, Bill Hogan wrote:
> Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> "We bought 15 Sony OEM'ed (Nokia 445 branded) 21" CRT monitors for 
> our animation lab.  10 months into use, half of them have
> significant colorimetry problems."
> -----------------------------------
> Could you define "Colorimetry" problems?  Is the resolution still ok?
> How does this problem manifest itself?

sorry for the vagueness.  I have 1 monitor +green overall, out of
range of the software adjustments.  1 is -green overall +blue in
whites.  1 is -blue.  1 is out of range on black level
(elevated).  1 is +red overall.  1 is -green overall, 1 is -blue

overall = blacks through whites

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