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it appears there's enough interest to post this on the TIG.
Thank you Carson.

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  We use alot of CRT monitors at Digital Domain. We have over 300
workstations running at a time.  To date not one artist, nor
producer, has said they thought the solid state displays come to
the measure of resolution and accuracy for tv and film
production.  The latency problems are a big problem along with
the resoultion. Some like to use the displays in combination. CRT
for workspace and "TFT" for desktop tools.  The advantages of the
solide state display will be many. Mostly the relief of eye
strain on artist that spend 18 hours a day staring into a CRT.  I
see promise in the new high rez IBM display but it is priced in
the 15 thousasnd dollar range.  There are some big companies that
supply technology to the film and tv industry that are looking
into alternate display systems. How about a DLP projector on your

  Concerning your montiors.  The Sony OEM products are usually
very good.  Consider how a $1000 computer monitor is to compare
to a $30,000 telecine monitor. Sony has some of the best control
going and their CRT's are excellent. All of our monitors for
production are Sony OEM or Sony branded.  Stable color can be a
problem.  Do you leave the monitors on with screen saver or turn
them of? The "on/off" causes some changes in the color structure
over time.  

There are alignments internal on the monitor, accessed via Sony
specific software, that work with a Minolta color analyzer to
setup the base "factory" alignment. If your monitors are less
than a year old and far off calibration possibly Sony may align
them as warranty service.  

We use the monitor's OSD controls to calibrate monitor using the
Minolta or the Philips/PTV analyzer.  

An associate of Bill Hogan's does have monitor calibration
service for many graphics and production companies.  He uses the
same tools I discribed above.

I will forward your original mail to the engineer at Sony that
assits the OEM retailers with Sony products.  Maybe he has any

If you have any more questions send them my way.  

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