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Nigel Hadley nigel.hadley
Mon May 13 10:58:24 BST 2002

Greg Dildine wrote:
> Can you clarify further please?  I think when folks see "HD" as you write "...HD I/O" via Dual link HD-SDI...,"
 > they may at least think of one of the "HD 'video'" formats like those 
that can come off a Panasonic HD D5 or
 > Sony HDCam deck, albeit down a "single" HD-SDI pipe.  Or at least 
when one sees "HD" one may think "real time"
 > -- i.e. the images can move about (and even be processed (cc'd)) at 
their "intended viewing frame rate."

The Piccaso works at;
"1920 x 1080 RGB Proposed SMPTE 372M, Dual Link 292M "
which is another way and probably a much more accurate way of saying, 
"HD I/O via Dual link HD-SDI"
Importantly in the original text the words RGB were missing. It should 
also be noted that the scope for the link includes the possibility to 
pass and record Log or Lin signals.

> Do people consider Dual-link HD to be "data" or "HD 'video?'"  

In the past "Video" has tended to be YCbCr, which of course suffers from 
colour space conversion issues, when transferred to work stations. 
"Data" was comprised of RGB files transferred over a network. Using RGB 
dual-link it is possible to record in "real-time" RGB images onto the 
Piccaso where they are stored in DPX format. The DPX frame on the disks 
would be identical to a DPX frame created and transferred to the same 
device via a "data" method.
IMHO the words "Data" and "Video" have at times come to mean and 
describe the wrong things.




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