[Tig] Farnsworth, Zworykin et al.

Grant Petty grantpetty
Fri May 31 02:27:55 BST 2002


That's a great story, and its a shame these guys are gone. I always 
wonder how much history we will never know because it died with the 
people involved. I wonder did these guys ever write books about what 
they worked on?

I do a lot of long distance flying going to all the trade shows, and the 
only thing I found that keeps me from getting bored out of my mind is a 
good book about someone's experience doing something great. I don't have 
a television, so with a good book, a flight just becomes a good nights 

Any books be these guys would be an incredible read. Perhaps someone 
else wrote about them. What seems so easy now, must have been just has 
difficult with materials and knowledge of the time as what we do now.


Grant Petty
Blackmagic Design

On Friday, May 31, 2002, at 11:13  AM, paulg at image-group.com wrote:

> Hello all
> 	I actually met Jenkins in the early 70,s and he was definitly not
> displaying any misery at the time. My impression of him at the time was
> of a very kind gentleman who was not going to let the world get him 
> down.
> He loved to talk about his work with RCA and the people he worked with
> there developing television. He mentioned Sarnoff a few times but I do 
> not
> remember him ever saying anything bad about him. At the time I was in my
> early 20's and did not really appreciate who this man was that was 
> telling
> me about an ancient electronic marvel. I was to busy trying to figure 
> out the
> new Apple 1 and the TRS-80.

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