[Tig] Never Surrender!

Clark Bierbaum clark
Tue Apr 1 04:21:27 BST 2003

	I, too, have been a supporting member of this list for a 
number of years and think that Rob does a wonderful job of 
administering this list and should be roundly praised for the service 
he provides to each of us.  The tig is my daily must read and keeps 
us all up to date and informed - and keeps manufacturers on their 
toes.  I would hope that the tig will continue under Rob's 
stewardship for a long time and not become another victim of the 
times in which we find ourselves.
	To someone's point re: the Spirits Spirit - I have been 
inside the room where the imaging system is manufactured and I don't 
think the Rochester, New York suburbs are anywhere near Paris and I 
am sure these folks pay US taxes.  The twenty - first century world 
is too complex to be broken down into short and simple stereotypes 
and alert color codes so lets try to keep our thinking caps on and 
keep the tig on message.

Thank You, Rob.

Trying to grow and understand more each day,

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