[Tig] 35mm neg weave in telecine

Chris Swinbanks cws
Thu Apr 3 01:49:22 BST 2003

Hi Rich.
Don't know about OPS, left all that to the colourist, figured he knows what
he's doing.  Our second test neg (a small roll of about 25 feet processed
about 5 hours before transfer) started to transfer steadily, then started
weaving left/right rythmically, inclusing the perfs.  We'd zoomed out to
follow what was happening during the transfer.
Colourist thought it was very odd as well, as we know the labs here often
ship neg to telecine for transfer within hours of it being processed.
We wondered whether the intermediate neg stock might need slightly different
drying conditions, so I had neg processed at 2 different labs to make sure
it wasn't just film fluting (buckle) from overdrying that was causing it.

Answers I've had overnight do all point toward needing longer drying of the
Thanks to all the TIGgers who responded, haven't lurked here for a while,
but knew I'd get a very educated set of answers.


Richard Torpey wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> When transferring on the Vialta - did you try turning the OPS (optical
> stabilizer) off and observe the image? If you're zoomed out to see the
> edge of the gate you should see film motion (frame edge and perfs) with
> the OPS off. When you turn the OPS on the film should stabilize and
> you'll see the edge of the gate seem to move as the glass plates correct
> for the film motion and keep the film image stable. I've seen stability
> problems on the Vialta in 16mm where the film path needed adjustment to
> bring the motion within the correction range or the OPS but not in 35mm.

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