[Tig] production: the Big Eye (argot)

Michael Aranyshev aranysh
Fri Apr 4 21:40:21 BST 2003

I worked for an advertising still photographer for a couple of years 
who would fire all these words at will. My native language is Russian 
so that was quite a task to decypherhis coomands. I managed to return 
some of that with a term for a flag that is out of vogue in the 
States I think due to its total political incorrectness but some old 
people in Russia still use. 

>I was surprised as well that he looked at me funny when i
>mentioned spunglass, gobos, century stands, c-clamps, scrim,
>milk glass, sweeps, and maybe when i got to nets and flags he
>wasn't listening any more.  But my experience was in NY, quite
>a while ago, and terms are different in the western US.
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