Fw: [Tig] job to be done

jarek jarek
Mon Apr 7 17:10:52 BST 2003

to make it clear that it is not a former coal mine equiped with MKIII :-)
My request is still actual.
And becouse not many colorists were working in the east europe I will be
glead to get contacts from any freelance colorist opened for visiting Poland
from specyfic project in a future.
and from those who was working here too :-)

Why do you specify the gear?  It's the people that do the work!  Did your
clients pick you based on what brand of camera you used.

Just curious.

-Greg Dildine
Finish - Boston, MA USA

On Monday, April 7, 2003, jarek at synchrolab.pl wrote:
>hi all
>is there anyone not busy with NAB on 9th of april, ready to do
>a grade on spirit with megadef in Poland

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