[Tig] Dual sync NTSC

Craig Nichols craig_nichols
Sun Apr 13 07:21:35 BST 2003

http://www.davsys.com/TLC/tlc-000.htm Is an address
that has the TLC bulletins for dual sync, and it can
be accessed without a password. TLC-060, TLC-062a, and
TLC-052 are three documents that are relevant to dual
sync installation.

We used the Evertz sync generator cards for vertical
drive, 6hz, and the Spirit Sync out provides the TLC
sync.  This works well for Spirit, but I am not sure
if the DSX has a similar sync out (although you can
use Evertz, or other, sync if it is in time as
outlined in the bulletins). If you follow the Gary
Adams bulletins, then making it all work is fairly
straightforward.  Dwaine was also an invaluable
resource, as always. I do remember having to modify
the TLC sync separator card in one room, and I think
this is also on the web site.

Craig Nichols
Ascent Media Hollywood
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--- Jim Mann <jfmann at optonline.net> wrote:
> spirit. your gonna want to read:
> http://www.davsys.com/TLC/tlcfaq2.htm


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