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Robert Lovejoy rlovejoy
Thu Apr 24 02:58:39 BST 2003

Our clients don't have time for us to make dubs, so we run four machines simultaneously - an HD flat graded master, two best-light Dbetas (one 16x9 anamorphic and one 4x3 center cropped, and a best-light Beta SP (anamorphic) with TC burn-in.  Talk about a tough setup.  But once we got everything timed in (including some audio delays), the system has been totally reliable.  We use the internal TLC2k and the Evertz High Quality downconverter (as opposed to their low quality one, I guess!).

Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post - Philly USA
Not employed by any manufacturer, just noting the stuff we got seems to work fine.
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