[Tig] Neophyte with calibration questions

Chris Swinbanks cws
Mon Apr 28 01:53:18 BST 2003

Hi Richard.

This is a huge issue in film work, and a small number of companies are developing products to simplify calibration, if you
don't have the internal resources for it.

Mike Most already mentioned Filmlight in the UK.  They have a product called Truelight.

The one probably best known is from Rising Sun PIctures in Australia, called Cinespace.

Here's a couple of basic points:

There seems to be 2 main steps in the alignment.
The first adjustment should bring the tonal scale of each monitor into alignment as best as possible, including setting
black & white points.  This will get you in a position where you can expect to get quite reasonable colour & contrast
match to film.
As best I understand it, the above products either in current version or future development are also taking the next step,
to integrate 3D mapping of the colour gamut of video to more closely match the colour gamut of film.  The aim of this is
to try and avoid the production of colours in video colour space which can't be reproduced in the different colour range
of film chemistry, which is not addressed by simply adjusting the tonal scale of the monitor with a 2D LUT.

You must remember though that this is just one part of the entire cycle, which includes the scanning or capture, on-system
image adjustments (vfx), recording to film, and film processing & print production at the film lab, because at the end of
the day what you are assessing is the monitor against the film screen, so every step needs tight control and there are
several points where control can wander.

At the end of the day, a good vfx supervisor will pick out 1/2 to 1 point colour/density variations in a print on screen
compared to what they expect to see, and make assessments based on that.
Life only gets tougher!


Richard Simon wrote:

> I work for a small visual effects/post-production shop and I've recently
> been tasked with dealing with our color calibration issues for our
> computer monitors.

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