[Tig] Neophyte with calibration questions

Ralph Kalatucka ralphk5
Mon Apr 28 23:05:25 BST 2003

Just a note about setting up color monitors using the "pluge" signals in SMPTE Bars...

GOOD monitors (ie: expensive) should be set-up exactly as described by Dave Corbitt, regarding the pluge pulses.  However, many "pro" monitors don't "clamp" or track their black levels as accurately as they should.  

Experience has shown that with some Sony and Panasonic "pro" monitors (under $1,000) the pluge pulses should all be visible (with the blacker-than-black pulse just barely noticeable) or else regular pictures will look way too dark.  This was done in side-by side comparisons with the Sony BVM "Evergreen" series.

I think I recently read an article that explains some of this effect; I believe it said that with some bright signals like color bars, the energy on the CRT's screen at the brighter areas of a picture will bounce around inside the tube, raising the level of some darker areas (like the pluge?).  That sounds possible, I guess.  

Good Luck.

Ralph K.
in L. A.

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