[Tig] Neophyte with calibration questions

Dave Corbitt david.corbitt
Mon Apr 28 23:37:46 BST 2003

At 11:16 PM +0100 4/28/03, Graham Collett wrote:
>I think I recently read an article that explains some of this 
>effect; I believe it said that with some bright signals like color 
>bars, the energy on the CRT's screen at the brighter areas of a 
>picture will bounce around inside the tube, raising the level of 
>some darker areas (like the pluge?).  That sounds possible, I guess. 
>Isn't that a good reason for not using SMPTE bars and use a proper 
>pluge generator!!!

I couldn't agree more. The SMPTE Pluge in the lower right corner of 
Color Bars is all wrong. But we discussed that just recently.

Dave Corbitt
Madison, NJ
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