[Tig] Neophyte with calibration questions

Graham Collett grahamcollett
Tue Apr 29 08:40:44 BST 2003

Re: [Tig] Neophyte with calibration questionsTo me this begs a question:  How is this really defined?  

Two reasons you cant do what you suggest, firstly there isn't a light meter that can accurately measure anything less than about 20% grey so you cant measure it and so, secondly, your eye needs a reference to compare to.. thats why pluge is what it is. You could argue that it could have been made bigger or different ... but it wasn't ! 
There are a million things that can affect where is just right for "your" monitor set up. Its almost immpossible to create a standard for but Dave's description is the nearest you are going to get. I would argue about the black room, that should be your natural room lighting, but that's another massive variable thrown in -- so black is a pretty good reference.
OK its not a million its only 135,327 or is it 6 -- damn i forgot one.  :-)

ps, can you measure evergreen's in m/sec?
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