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edwindino hkvanhuizens
Sun May 4 18:59:36 BST 2003

Hi TIGers,
I was wondering if anybody out there can help me with a question. I'm driving a 2K with a Spirit and from what I know even if you change the bulb your session should look the same even after a couple of months, which is the case here in our facility.  But twice in a couple of months our engineer here cleaned the light path and and lenses and the grades seem to go wacky. The blacks on the red and blue channels seems to lift up about 15% higher, and its not really the same for each shot.  Its a real problem, bcos we do a lot of feature restoration work, and sometimes we need to go back to the session weeks after its final output for touch up. We output about 14 titles a month from original camera neg which you can imagine is crazy and yes warping on the Spirit is a bitch. I'd really appreciate any kind of help or advice.

Edwin Van Huizen
Senior Colorist
Shaw Brothers Studios
Hong Kong

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