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Alessandro Pelliccia ale2k72
Mon May 5 09:25:51 BST 2003

Hi edwinho,
The reason for the problem you have describe, should
be caused by a wrong fpn procedure.
I cross this problem by :
Rule # 1: Always wait 15 to 20 minutes before doing
Rule # 2: Always be shure before doing fpn the focus
position is in its unity value.
I did not find any problem after cleaning light path
(we do it every saturday).
I hope this help.

Please excuse my english


 --- edwindino <hkvanhuizens at netvigator.com> ha
scritto: > Hi TIGers,
> I was wondering if anybody out there can help me
> with a question. I'm driving a 2K with a Spirit and
> from what I know even if you change the bulb your
> session should look the same even after a couple of
> months, which is the case here in our facility.  But
> twice in a couple of months our engineer here
> cleaned the light path and and lenses and the grades
> seem to go wacky. The blacks on the red and blue
> channels seems to lift up about 15% higher, and its
> not really the same for each shot.  Its a real
> problem, bcos we do a lot of feature restoration
> work, and sometimes we need to go back to the
> session weeks after its final output for touch up.
> We output about 14 titles a month from original
> camera neg which you can imagine is crazy and yes
> warping on the Spirit is a bitch. I'd really
> appreciate any kind of help or advice.
> Edwin Van Huizen
> Senior Colorist
> Shaw Brothers Studios
> Hong Kong

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