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Craig Nichols cnichols
Mon May 5 20:35:02 BST 2003

I have seen over zealous use of heat sink compound cause similar problems,
and also contribute to premature lamp failure.  I like to clean off the
metal with alcohol and apply a very thin layer of fresh compound when
replacing bulbs.  Thermal compound is one place where "more is NOT better".

Craig Nichols
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Although normally the Spirits are relatively drift-free,
we found that when replacing the projection lamp, if you 
do not thoroughly clean off the old heat sink compound 
from the mounting clamp assembly (and apply new compound 
sparingly), you can get a major change in color channels,
just as you describe.  Another symptom of too much compound
is a drift in lamp current.  Other than that, I have not
seen a color change associated with cleaning the light path.
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