FW: [Tig] Simple Dailies Telecin? oops

Craig Nichols cnichols
Thu May 8 01:45:42 BST 2003

I'm so used to answer a plethora of HD down conversion questions lately,
that I've got "Slow Pal on the Brain" ;-) No need for Slow Pal with film,
naturally since it's transferred at 25fps.  Please hand me the 2x4, time for
a brain stem reset. ;-)

Craig Nichols
Ascent Media Management Services

Michael Aranyshev wrote:
Since there is no "slow-PAL" one way to transfer is to speed up the 
film to 25 fps. That's 24 at 25. Another is to play NTSC-like trick and 
double one field every 12 frames. That's 24+1.

Or so I was told

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