[Tig] Logs

Michael Aranyshev aranysh
Thu May 8 12:25:47 BST 2003

>The three most critical components of feature dailies are:
>Accurate logs,
>Accurate logs
>and (you guessed it)
>Accurate logs.

I am an editor. I did film and I did Reality TV.

In Moscow telecine suite is $150/hour for one-lite and edit suit is 
$20. So the transfers are MOS and No Flex. It even bred a unique 
variety of rolls. They are not Camera or Lab Rolls but something I 
call Hate-to-Reload Rolls: lab slices, minces and chops camera rolls 
to fill the spools to their full capacity. Takes from the same camera 
roll end up on different spools and if a few slates get chopped off 
here and there they would tell you they are sorry over the phone but 
somehow they don't sound very authentic doing that.

I cut in FCP and I've been using Cinema Tools since it was FilmLogic 
to generate the cut lists. Cinema Tools relies on the actual frame 
count in the captured QuickTime files for calculations and resorts to 
TC/KeyKode relationship only if you force it by  deleting files from 
disks for instance. So I can't just load the salad of takes I get 
from the transfer into FCP. I have to log individual takes on tapes. 
That's fine with me since that is the only time the schedule allows 
me to actually look at the footage and get familiar with it. So my 
logs a good - I do them myself. But they are incomplete of course - 
there is only video TC. So I take captured footage into Cinema Tools 
and enter keykode and cam roll manually from a burn-in. Sometimes I 
wonder does this slicing really save that much time at TK? The guy 
there has to log cam rolls anyway and it is rare that this number in 
their assembly is the same for more than three takes.

Reality TV is even more weird fun. Five nice girls sit there watching 
tapes around the clock and taking notes. There a tons (well, kilos) 
of paper logs but then you need any particular shot it is "Ask the 
guy". The guy is phenomenal and comes back to you in ten minutes with 
a tape parked on that shot. All two and a half thousands worth of 
shot tapes are in his head. He never looks into the notes. The 
problem is the very same shot is probably already loaded into your 
system a couple of sessions back by another editor. There is 
incredible amount of duplicate video on all stations and no way to 
keep track of it since all eight of them work in three shifts and 
every guy has his own idea how to translit Cyrillic to Roman so the 
search brings up nothing.

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