[Tig] movement

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon May 12 06:56:03 BST 2003

due to my own movement and the recent compromises, attempted
assaults, and vituperative attacks on tig.colorist.org, it
will be moving to a new location soon.  I want to thank the 
people who have contributed to the fund to help me do the
work recently-- involving roughly two weeks of my time--
getting the situation under control.  Their names have been
the ones you've seen at the top of messages for the past
few weeks.  

if there are other TIG subscribers who are getting some
value out of the group who can make contributions there
could be no better time than now.  It can be done via a
button on the main tig page http://tig.colorist.org "make a
donation". thank you everyone.

TiG founder -coadmin

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