[Tig] Keycode timecode Software

jp jp
Sat May 17 17:13:43 BST 2003

2003-05-17 09:46 ?Ken Robinson? <crash2010 at yahoo.com> wrote

> telecine one light rushes with keycode to edit offline and then
> conform a clap to clap neg cut from the timecode edl, reproducing
> a new edl for the overlength cut.

Hello Ken

To make the most demanding tests,
use a lab rolls of 3Perf35mm with some upside-down,
reverse keycode elements.  ;-)

- Transfer the rushes to 29.97fps SD.
- Offline edit with lots of motion effects, Fwd & Rev M2s.
- Generate an SD 30 edl.
- Build a clap-to-clap neg cut/pull (Decalog-Edilite)
- Transfer the selected to 23.98fps HD.
- Generate an M2 accurate HD 24 edl (Decalog-Edilite)

et servir frais.
jp / aaton

You can download a demo Decalog-Edilite
at http ://labs.aaton.com  and install it on a Wintel PC.

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