[Tig] Job Posting for Telecine Assist Position!

Rob Saxon stix90210
Tue May 20 17:51:31 BST 2003

Is it possible to put this on add your site.
I'm looking for work, I am employed at the present but am ready to move up in the work field.
I have 2 1/2 yrs. Experience as a Tape Operator.
I have worked at: 
525 Studios in Santa Monica Ca, 
The Post Group, and Intersound Post Production Facility.
Would be willing to train for free, and after training salary negotiable.
Will relocate for an aprentaship, to one day become an A+ Colorist.
I work hard, give 300% very dependable and Clients like my personality.
I live in Los Angeles Ca.
Thank you,

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