[Tig] Low Frequency EMI - 60Hz

Jan & Eileen wb9iph
Sat May 24 14:07:24 BST 2003

Where I used to work, I found out after installation of a New D32, that
there was an AC Unit on the floor above the D32 monitoring location....
The Evergreen monitor didn't care, but the D32 sure did!  

I tried Mu-Metal with fairly good, but never perfect results...  
I also tried degaussing the metalwork the monitoring was sitting on.
However the best results were done with degaussing, 
followed by the White Uniformity adjustment done in total darkness,
and an occasional degaussing of the monitor afterward. 

Hope this helps....  Jan

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Hi all,

someone out there already had any problem with 
Low Frequency Eletro Magnetic Interference,
(most probably 60Hz - power line but not
coming from the power line into the equipment, 
I mean magnetic field over the air) with:

Telecine scanning tube
HDTV monitor (or any monitor)

in 23,98 fps, to be more specific.

If so, any way or suggestion to solve it (apart
from moving to another location....)

Alex Pimentel

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