Robert Thomas robert
Tue May 27 16:18:03 BST 2003

AVP Amsterdam (a brother company of Hectic Electric Amsterdam, & My Lounge
Paris) currently has an opening for a talented Colorist.

Candidate should have a diverse reel , not necessarily derived from a major
market - but wouldn't hurt. More important , the innovation in applied
technique  - and an unorthodox  approach to color correction. If you think
it might help you (even if only psychologically)  to duct tape an old car
battery,  popsicle sticks,  sequins to the TK to achieve a "print from neg
look", or you want to control the TK with big rig gas pedals, and Atari game
controllers - your probably the kind of Colorist we are looking for.

Should have a strong background in all aspects of  the high end commercial
arena, and a thorough understanding of DATA scanning, DATA technology,
process and application.


Robert at AVP.nl

Thanks in advance,

Robert Thomas
AVP/Hectic Electric/My Lounge
Rembrandtgebouw Biesbosch 225
1181 JC, Amstelveen


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