[Tig] Color Grading in NLEs

Jean-Clement Soret jean-c
Wed May 28 11:26:43 BST 2003


When you say they are predictable, I'm guessing that you are either making
very gradual changes, or you are affecting RGB in similar manners.
[Jean-Clement Soret] You are right, it can only work if you know in advance
the effect you will get, exactly like when you play with black or white
level, you can predict the result.

I don't mind if workstations use gamma curves as a mainstay color correct.
tool. Personally I don't see curves as a separate tool from primary cc,
curves are just a primary cc tool with more points of control than a simple
lift-gamma-gain. Now these tools have become very common, it makes color
correction even more difficult than it was and should be left to people with
experience as you rightly said.

best regards


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