[Tig] Colorist open house in L.A.

michael l flanigan flanigan
Thu May 29 15:08:50 BST 2003

correction:  the 2nd day is Wednesday the 11th not Thursday
the 11th as the first post had.

Would those of you who wish to attend the LUCI & Ricki Virtual Telecine open
house at Raleigh Studios Design Center Building 5254 Melrose, please e-mail
me,  flanigan at sympatico.ca   so that I might get some idea of interest. If
you missed the previous post, the open house will be held Tuesday, June 10th
from 5:30pm to 8:pm and Wednesday,  June11th also from 5:30 to 8pm. Please
let me know which night you are interested in.
Hope to see you there

Michael Flanigan

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