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Van_Dusen, Todd tvandusen
Thu May 29 17:01:32 BST 2003

Hello, I have been on this wonderful list serve for several years now and
this will be my first post.  I would like to say that I have learned a great
deal from the many bright and creative minds that regularly post on the tig.
I am an A/V conservator at the National Library and Archives of Canada with
25 years service.  I work in the Video Lab where we do preservation
treatment and copying of obsolete Video and film collections.  A year ago,
we retired a Bosch FDL60 (the second of two machines we drove into  the
ground) and replaced it with a Thomson Shadow.   We are using a Da Vinci 2k
corrector and controller with the VS4 noise reducer.  For the past 20 years
I have been the key person doing telecine.  Working in the Archival field
there is not much in the way of film that I have not  handled treated and
Presently, my job description (which is 15yrs. old) is being reviewed and
updated.  Working in an A/V Archival institution makes my position here as a
colourists unique.  Consequently, it is impossible to find a colourist job
description or similar description to draw from (a job description writer I
am not).  I am hoping that I could be given advice as to where I may find
information pertaining to the role, responsibility, knowledge and skills
required of a senior colourists.  Is there such a thing as a colourist's Job
Many Thanks in advance.   
Todd Van Dusen
Magnetic Media Conservator
National Archives Canada
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