[Tig] Spirit Filters

Craig Nichols cnichols
Thu May 29 21:44:46 BST 2003

We got a roll of Spirit Filter material from:

For the filter roll which you can cut to the proper filter pad size (part #
GR150SB22.5 / $86.00) contact:
Manny U. Bettencourt
Freudenberg --- Filtration Division
T: (978)454-0461 x409
E: manny.bettencourt at fvna.com

We did this about 2 years ago, so I am not certain if price has remained the
same.  If you change your filter material on a regular basis, one roll will
last quite a while.

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Craig Nichols
Ascent Media

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Hi All,
Who is a good vendor for the white 'filter mat' material that is used in the
bottom of the Spirit?

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